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Hannah in Subcon desert quicksand by MegaManModelT101 Hannah in Subcon desert quicksand by MegaManModelT101
Back when I was little, I had some pretty creative and vivid dreams. I dreamed about crossover scenarios even back then, quite literally in fact. I managed to remember one particular dream I had and well, thus the picture you see before you, and below I'll try and recall what went on in the dream.

Basically Jack and Hannah were in fact wandering through the one of the deserts in Super Mario Bros 2. Granted Hannah looked a 100% like her cartoon counterpart but I took the creative liberty of changing her clothing. But at anyway. They were walking and talking, and I can't remember what about, but I technically believe about being lost. They didn't have the red Cadillac so naturally that wasn't making it much easier on them.

I believe Jack at one point did warn her to watch out for quicksand, but then I do believe she wound up stepping into it right after. Or right before he said that. As I can't recall if she either screamed or yelled "Too late!" but I do recall Jack looked back and then I saw Hannah essentially in the situation she's in in the pic. Feet apart, thight together, arms raised(But in a different pose if I recall correctly but it'd be tough to replicate.) and looking downright scared. And it was a full shot. She was sinking and all the grains were shifting like in the game as she sank, scared to move.

She sank for a few seconds before Jack reached from off screen and grabbed her arm, then proceeded to easily pull her out. Almost comedic-ally for that matter, no real effort was put into it, it was just *ZIP* and she was out. I don't believe there was any lecture or comments were made as they continued on, but I do believe Hannah was walking closely behind Jack nervously looking back towards the pit she had stepped in, but then both looked ahead in shock as suddenly Shyguys armed with spears had em covered from all sides and elevations! They were in a bit of a pickle, and that's when things blacked out and credits rolled! GARRRRHHHHH!

Cliffhanger dreams always bug ya the must. Especially when they end like that. But yeah, that was my dream roughly.

I worked on this late last/one night, and I did this purely from scratch. The only thing I really traced was the white and red pot, but that's IT. Everything else I drew myself, and I didn't even use a pose reference, only clothing and hair details.

Program used, Arcsoft Photo Studio. It's layering thing sure came in handy a LOT. I basically drew one rib, cut, pasted a few more, connected them visually, then merged the layers together, then cut and pasted again, this time setting more bones down at once, and then made a separate layer to go over the bones.

Number of hours spent, I forget when I started or when I finished but it wasn't too long.

Well, let me know what you think.
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I like it :D
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